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What's So Funny?

Jun 28, 2010

When comedian/actor Ryan Beil dropped by the What's So Funny? studios, he was a mere Jessie Award nominee (four times over, yet). Eight days later he was a Jessie Award-winning thespian. That's the power of the podcast. We talk about how all the accolades will never overshadow his work as Ryan the Trainee on the A and...

Jun 22, 2010

Graham Clark stops podcasting himself long enough to pay us a visit and we talk about... Stop Podcasting Yourself. We also dip into his iPod to see what he's listening to and I try to drive him and Dave Shumka apart, to no avail.

Jun 18, 2010

Kevin Foxx and Damonde Tschritter drop by the studio to shamelessly plug their new room and tell tales of tattoos.