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What's So Funny?

Nov 29, 2016

Graeme Duffy returns to talk about his very public – and swift! – engagement. He tells of how he proposed to his girlfriend four months after starting to date in front of 1100 people at the Vogue Theatre. He also talks about getting bullied in Scotland, the busy local movie and TV scene, cruising the Baltic Sea, and...

Nov 24, 2016

Larry Miller has done it all. He was one of Carson's favourites on the old Tonight Show and has been a ton of movies and TV classics. And he's still going strong, performing stand-up whenever he can, hosting a podcast, Tweeting, FB'ing, blogging and acting in films. We talk about it all and go a little longer than usual...

Nov 22, 2016

Steve Bays returns, this time with girlfriend and actor Siobhan Williams in tow. To make things even, I brought my brother-in-law along. I do my best to get Bays to do one last tour with his band Hot Hot Heat, who has a new album out. We also talk about lyrics, ego, and emo. And we tie it all together with comedy.