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What's So Funny?

Oct 16, 2015

Mark Friebe and Sheila Sharma last visited us a loooong nine years ago. They drove in from the Giggle Dam out in Port Coquitlam to tell us about the fire that nearly destroyed them, the challenges of doing politically incorrect sketches, and Sheila sings all 66 books of the Bible in 43 seconds. Not bad for an atheist!

Oct 15, 2015

Andy CaƱete speaks real good English for a South American. We talk about how that's possible and what it's like to live under the thumb of a dictator, even one whose name sounds like a nice glass of wine or a wooden puppet boy. He also tells a good story about giving the silent treatment to Jennifer Beals and talks...

Oct 12, 2015

Lauren McGibbon isn't the son of a tree-dwelling monkey but she does tell us about her family's violent history. The improviser also tells us about her mad research skillz when it comes to acting in scenes, her brief standup career, her brief flight attendant career, and mom's brief career as a dancer on TV variety...