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What's So Funny?

May 27, 2013

Darrin Rose is more than just a Jason Sudeikis lookalike. The likeable standup, actor, writer and host of the Match Game talks about playing the UK, boozing it up on TV, running his own software company, and trying to get secrets out of his tight-lipped family.

May 26, 2013

Mark Leiren-Young is a playwright, journalist, comedian and trained singer. We talk to the Leacock Award winner for Never Shoot a Stampede Queen about all those things, including crime in Williams Lake, BC, writing quickly,cheap shots in reviews, and his love of Doug Henning. His newest book is called Free Magic Secrets...

May 12, 2013

Shaun Majumder had never done a podcast prior to this momentous episode. Go figure. In it, he talks about comedy workshops, gives us a glimpse into the psyches of his fellow Newfoundlanders, makes the case for optimism, tells us why acting isn't as easy as it looks, and discusses getting fired from a TV show and the...

May 12, 2013

Marcus Ryan has performed in 25 countries. In this episode, I try to get him to settle down. Pick a country and stick to it. But the Aussie standup's got a bad case of wanderlust. So instead we hear about his travels and I troll his tweets and offer him some sage career advice.