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What's So Funny?

Oct 29, 2014

Michael Teigen doesn't have much of a presence online so this will be your portal into the man. Learn about his love of animal movies, his high school musical career, his three years in New York working off-off-off-Broadway, his time spent in dinner theatre acting out skitches, the advice he gives to young improvisers,...

Oct 28, 2014

Kevin Banner has had a good year. But that doesn't stop his angst and self-loathing. We talk about his triumphs, being special, his bad tattoo, struggles with writing, cool comics, Robin Williams, supportive relatives, the Drewski dictionary, and of course wrestling.

Oct 13, 2014

Alonzo Bodden once dunked on my head. But I'm a big enough man to let bygones be bygones and invite him on my show. Not a big enough man to stop the dunk, though. We talk basketball, football, jazz, racism, Miley Cyrus, Condoleezza Rice, drugs, and which was the best season of Last Comic Standing. Hint: he's biased.

Oct 8, 2014

Dana Alexander was the very first guest on this program back in 2004. A second episode a few years later has disappeared into the ether so this is officially her second appearance (even though it's really her third). We get caught up on her quest for world domination. She moved from Edmonton to Vancouver to Toronto...