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What's So Funny?

Nov 27, 2011

Jason Bryden soberly discusses fatherhood, takes on Doug Stanhope, and relates how he told Marc Maron he was a dick. Plus we get to know the high school version of JB and learn what profession his father suggested he go into. It's a cram-packed, fun-filled WSF? this week. This episode brought to you by Gin and Tonics....

Nov 20, 2011

Chris Gaskin talks about his two open heart surgeries, looking young, bombing on TV in Toronto, and his association and affiliation with professional wrestling.

Nov 6, 2011

Steve Burgess may have been a juvenile delinquent, but he didn't murder his mother. Instead, he wrote a loving – and funny – tribute to her, Who Killed Mom? We discuss the book, his early career spinning Lionel Richie discs, and the underrated aspects of reality television. Memo to Jillian Harris: call us!