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What's So Funny?

Nov 29, 2018

Kevvy returns. In this episode, the front man for the band Fake Shark comes decked out in Vancouver Grizzlies gear. We talk a bit about the glory of the Grizzlies before moving on to his latest efforts as the foremost comedy album producer in all the land. He also talks about doing standup (of sorts) in high school, his...

Nov 28, 2018

Ari Matti comes to us all the way from Tallinn, Estonia. Well, he was in town anyway. He's in Vancouver working on his English standup skills. Ari tells us all about the burgeoning standup scene in Estonia, his first time on stage there (where he went over an hour), failing school in Poland, and his love of pork,...

Nov 16, 2018

Brent Butt is back after a six year absence. The Canadian superstar talks about apples in Saskatchewan, his experience as a bad wedding singer, practicing standup with a screwdriver, his love of language, the etymology of 'gangbusters' and 'trivia', and falling asleep with David Cassidy posters on his wall.

Nov 15, 2018

Barry Greenfeld has been doing comedy since Sam Tonning was one year old. Yet he remembers virtually none of his career, except the broad strokes. Play a drinking game this episode: Every time Barry forgets something, take a sip. By the end of the episode, you'll be as drunk as he was... Nah, he wasn't drunk. That's the...

Nov 5, 2018

Travis Bernhardt is a magician and improviser, in that order. He started practicing magic the year this show went on the air, back in 2004. And look at him now! In this episode, he talks about starting out on the street, how magic helped with his battle with depression, and why he's a darling of the Fringe circuit.