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What's So Funny?

Jun 26, 2011

Magicians Nathan Burton and Mac King are mainstays on the Las Vegas scene. What's So Funny? travelled to Sin City and spoke to the two prestidigitators in separate interviews. We discussed comedy, tricks gone wrong and their respective TV exposure. In between the two, the Sklar Brothers talk about magic.

Jun 19, 2011

Peter New and Ken Hegan talk about becoming stars. The actor/writer and writer/filmmaker recently hit Hollywood and discuss their visit, among other topics all served with a banter of sparkling wit. It had been seven years since New last visited the WSF? studios. This was Hegan's inaugural visit.

Jun 12, 2011

Andrew Barber is in a bind. He's best known for his viral videos as crazed Boston Bruins' fan, Greg. But in his heart, the Vancouver Canucks are number one. We talk about his dilemma and about many of his other alter egos.

Jun 7, 2011

Sara Bynoe knows crap. Whether it's teen poetry and journal entries or stinky prose from celebrities and professional authors, Bynoe relishes it. She reads us a few samples of the truly awful. We also talk about animal hoarding and how to pick up topless dancers. Bring a notepad and pen for this one.

Jun 4, 2011

Joe Avati called it in on this episode. Literally. This "classic" lost show dates back to 2005 and was recently found while going through the vaults. The Italo-Aussie comic became our first phone guest on this 40th edition of What's So Funny? We also played clips from Emo Philips, Frank Spadone, Ray Romano and Avati...