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What's So Funny?

Mar 23, 2019

Susan Thompson is transitioning from the spotlight to behind-the-scenes. We talk about her experience going from auto mechanic shop to the standup stage to the management/producer side of things. We also find out she's a bit of a star in Japan. And also that she's dropped about a hundred pounds. Such a life!

Mar 22, 2019

Amy Shostak and Tom Hill are not only improvisers, they're also instructors and... well, you'll have to wait until near the end of this episode to hear the big reveal. Who knew?! We talk improv, life, and we get a little serious at the end. A special shout-out to Sam in the booth.

Mar 10, 2019

Lady Rizo (née Amelia Zirin-Brown) is a cabaret performer extraordinaire. Trained as an improviser, she's a chanteuse with a quick and sharp wit. She's also the perfect guest: raw, honest, in the moment, funny, willing to go anywhere. Listen for yourself! Rizo was in Vancouver for five or six months performing at...

Mar 5, 2019

Lisa Frischemeier is a relatively new standup comic from Berlin. Strangely, she had never heard of Hogan's Heroes. But she taught us about German humour, the English-speaking standup scene in Berlin, her worst experience performing in Scandinavia, and why she loves abortion jokes.